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Articles on the B'z Wiki are classified in one of three categories: Readied Articles, In-progress Articles, and Dated Articles. Badges like those shown below will be displayed in the top right of all non-directory articles to allow viewers and editors alike to ascertain at a glance the official state of any given article.


Ready2.png Readied Articles are articles that have been reviewed and written to reasonable completion. These articles may see expansion in the future, but are perfectly capable of standing as they are for the foreseeable future.


Inprogress1.png In-progress Articles are articles that have been started but are not yet filled out enough to be considered ready and completed. Often, these are pages that will require substantial research and expansion in order to be considered even remotely ready.


Dated3.png Dated Articles are articles that are usually dated not just in terms of age but formatting as well. These may include formatting and editing that does not match the current standard and will likely require extensive overhauls to be turned into readied articles.