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B'z Wiki is a collaborative project consisting of B'z fans from all over the world. Originating from B'z-centric fan site OFFTHELOCK.com, the leading English news source for everything B'z, the project attempts to gather and archive as much information as possible on the long and storied career of Japan's top rock band.

The original idea that led to the B'z Wiki was a project tentatively known as the B'z Database, announced in May 2008. The aim of the endeavor was to create a database that consisted of the band's entire catalogue, as well as every LIVE-GYM and related live performance and allow fans to query a certain song and see each time it was played live along with statistics and related information. Despite a great deal of time invested in the database, the project was not publicly launched.

Months later, in July 2008, the original version of the B'z Wiki was launched. This version remained online for some time, but due to time constraints, was not expanded greatly. In April 2010, the B'z Wiki was fully re-launched and grew into the website that you see today. It currently sports complete information on a number of B'z subjects, as well as information being translated and made available for the first time in English.

All fans are encouraged to create an account to contribute to the Wiki should they wish. To register an account, please e-mail offthelock.com -at- gmail.com with your desired username. This process is to ensure only well-intentioned fans are able to alter Wiki content at a given moment and protect from spam and related abuses.

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