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Seimei/Still Alive
Single by B'z
Released June 14, 2017
Recorded 2016-2017
Promotions #1 ("UCC Black")
#2 (A LIFE, Event GO!)
#3 (Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare)
#4 (Shippu Rondo)
Length 17:23
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Tak Matsumoto
B'z singles chronology
52nd Single

53rd Single

Seimei/Still Alive
The promotional shot showcased on the official website to promote the release, as well as included in various media promotions at the time.

Seimei/Still Alive (声明, Declaration) is the fifty-third single by B'z and their third double A-side, released on June 14, 2015. It is their first since 2015's non-album single "RED" and stands as the single with the most unique tracks in their catalogue. Two months after its release, it was reprinted with new art as part of the deluxe collector's item B'z COMPLETE SINGLE BOX.

The single also collects digital singles "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru" and "Fukiarenasai" for the first time on a physical B'z release, which were released in October and November of 2016 respectively. Both songs served as themes to feature films, with the former being featured in the 2016 anime film Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare and later as the opening to the corresponding television series and the latter in the action-comedy film Shippu Rondo.

Track listing

  1. SeimeiDeclaration, 声明
  2. Still Alive
  3. Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni NaruThe Color This World Will Take Depends on You, 世界はあなたの色になる
    The fifth movie theme provided by the band for the Detective Conan film franchise, "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru" is a special entry for several reasons. The darker tone of the music intentionally contrasts with other songs B'z have contributed to the series. In the writing and recording process, Koshi noted that they aimed to create a different sort of song because the movie itself intended to center in on some of the "darker parts of Conan's story".
  4. FukiarenasaiBlow Violently, フキアレナサイ
    Envisioned as a winter version of "ultra soul", "Fukiarenasei" was written for the action film Shippu Rondo. Due to both members' ongoing solo projects, the song was recorded and produced separately while Koshi worked with Stevie Salas in Tokyo and Tak worked with Daniel Ho in Los Angeles. The track features Jason Sutter and occasional B'z collaborator Juan Alderete on drums and bass, respectively, with the former having worked with Tak during production on enigma and on tour for Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-.

Special Editions

Image Contents
Seimei Still Alive Cover.jpg Seimei Promo Package.png

Seimei/Still Alive CD & DVD Edition
The CD & DVD edition includes the single CD alongside a bonus DVD featuring a dedicated music video for second A-side "Still Alive". The first footage of the video was premiered on a May episode of Music Station in which it was noted that its conceptual premise was "hajimari" (Beginnings). The video features the band performing against a CGI background and is reminiscent of those for "SUPER LOVE SONG" and "BURN -Fumetsu no Face-".

Seimei/Still Alive "UCC Black" Edition
The special "UCC Black" Edition includes the single CD and a specially designed coaster set featuring B'z insignias and decals. The retail price came in at 2160 yen, making it the most expensive of the three variations available for the single. Additionally, a redemption code included only in the "UCC Black" package gives purchasers the chance to be one of 10,000 to receive a set of B'z-branded cans of the drink itself.

Live appearances

Live Performances

Seimei [1 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png B'z SHOWCASE 2017 -Hissatsu Hiokinin- [1/1 SHOWS]
Still Alive [1 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png B'z SHOWCASE 2017 -Hissatsu Hiokinin- [1/1 SHOWS]
Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru [1 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png B'z SHOWCASE 2017 -Hissatsu Hiokinin- [1/1 SHOWS]
Fukiarenasai redx.png

Home Videos

Seimei novid.png
Still Alive novid.png
Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru novid.png
Fukiarenasai redx.png novid.png

Sales data

No. Cover Single Physical Copies Sold Chart Positions Certification
53 Seimei Still Alive Cover.jpg

Seimei/Still Alive



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