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Single by Koshi Inaba
Released June 11, 2003
Length 21:39
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Koshi Inaba
Koshi Inaba singles chronology
1st Single
Tooku Made
2nd Single
3rd Single
Koshi as he appears in the videos for "AKATSUKI", "Shizuka na Ame" and "I'm on fire". All three videos were made available in 2010 on limited edition copies of his fourth studio album, Hadou, and were later uploaded to the official B'z YouTube channel in 2014.

KI is the second single by Koshi Inaba, released on June 11, 2003. The single came five years since his previous single, "Tooku Made", was released five years earlier in 1998. The release includes five tracks, with two alternate instrumentals of the first track, making it the largest single in Koshi's catalogue.

Koshi originally meant for the first track, "AKATSUKI", to also be the title of the single itself. However, it was changed to his initials of "KI" as he said, "I'd like for all of the tracks to be listened to equally." As a result, all three of the primary tracks received dedicated music videos that all received airplay. All three would later be included in full on the DVD included in the limited edition of Hadou that collected all of his music videos to date.

Production and recording of the album was carried out with Koshi writing his own lyrics as well as music and working on the arrangement, in addition to playing both acoustic guitar and guitar on most of the tracks. Jun Aoyama and Hideo Yamaki provided drums as they had on several B'z tracks, with Akihito Tokunaga working on the arrangement and playing bass on most of the tracks. B'z mainstays Hideyuki Terachi and Daisuke Ikeda also contributed to arrangement work for the release. Additionally, Michiya Haruhata provided electric guitar on the lead track and would also be one of three other featured guitarists that appeared with Tak on his cinema-inspired concept album Theatre Of Strings two years later in 2005.

All three primary tracks from the album have been performed at various times on the live stage. Through 2010, "AKATSUKI" has been performed at every solo concert that Koshi has held of all sizes. "I'm on fire" and "Shizuka na Ame" were only performed during Koshi Inaba LIVE 2004 ~en~, with the latter—whose title translates to "Gentle Rain"—normally only being performed on rainy tour dates. At the time of release, "AKATSUKI" served as the theme song to Nippon TV's K1 JAPAN and also as the ending theme to another of the channel's programs, Strongest Soul. Koshi also appeared prior to its release to perform the song on both FUN and Music Station in June of 2003.

The single debuted at number one on the Weekly Oricon Singles chart and sold enough to make it the 25th highest-selling single of all of 2003.

Track listing

All music composed by, lyrics written by, and vocals performed by Koshi Inaba.

    File:i04 01.ogg A hard rock song that became the standout from the release. Through his solo efforts in 2010, the song has been played at every live event held by Koshi in his solo career to much fanfare. In addition to his usual duties, Koshi also played the acoustic guitar portion of the song.
  2. Shizuka na AmeSilent Rain, 静かな雨
    File:i04 02.ogg The song was uniquely performed live primarily on rainy days due to its title during Koshi Inaba LIVE 2004 ~en~. It was alternated with Magma track "Nani mo Nai Machi" on off-days. Koshi performed the acoustic guitar portions of the song.
  3. AKATSUKI Version S.S.S.
    File:i04 03.ogg Dance, club-style remix of the first track by Spin Stealth Spike.
  4. I'm on fire
    File:i04 04.ogg Piano-driven ballad by Koshi, with the music video featuring him lying in a pool of water. The second half of the song features a hard rock interlude. The song was played at all dates of Koshi Inaba LIVE 2004 ~en~ but has not been played in the years since. Koshi also performed guitar on the track.
  5. AKATSUKI Version O
    File:i04 05.ogg Orchestra-led instrumental arrangement of the first track. Koshi described it as "drama-like".