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Released in 1989' | Music by Tak Matsumoto | Lyrics by Koshi Inaba | Translated by '





Glass ni hirogatteru
kimi no machi mioroshite
Mukuchi na biru wo tsutsumu
Oto no nai ame ni kizuita yo
Kawaita toki wo, kiss mo kawasa zuni
Kiri sutetai yo, moshi kimi ni furereba
Kanojo no koto wasuresou de
Never let you go, iiwanai mama
Douka futari hanareyou
Kanashii koi no fukai yana ni ochite yuku mae ni
Kotoba de umeru dake no futari ga sugoshiteru ima
Dare ka ga matsu boku no machi ni mo
Amagumo ga chikazuiteru hazu
Shigeki teki na jinsei, tanoshimeta ka mo shirenai
Kimi ni shigoto de au mae ni, mou boku wa
chippoke na heibou wo erandeta yo
Never let you go, motto hayaku kimi to deaeteireba
Kokoro mo karada mo mayouwazu yurushi aetanoni
Never let you go, iidashisou na
Boku wo uchi koroshite kure
Kurushii sugiru kono mune wo, tsumetai kotoba de
Never let me back, never let you go
Never let you go, mitsumenai de
Nani mo shite agerarenai yo
Kore ijou kimi no kagayaki wo ataenai de kure
Never let you go, boku no naka de
Koe wo kagiri ni saken de
Never let me back, AISHITERU YO !
Anymore, I can't see you...
Never let you go...


From the glass window
Looking down to your street spreading below
Quiet buildings wrap around it
Noticing that rain has fallen without the slightest noise
In this time of thirst, we can't exchange kisses
I wanna throw all away, if I touch you now
Maybe I can forget about her
Never let you go, while not saying this
Let's just somehow go apart, both of us
Before falling into the a deep valley of this sad love
Right now the time we spend together is filled with words only
On my street where rain and clouds are closing in
Somebody is waiting for me
Exciting life might be more enjoyable
But before meeting you at work,
I have already chosen a more common way to live
Never let you go, if only I met you earlier
Then maybe we could have trusted these lost hearts and bodies to each other
Never let you go, if I seem to let this out of my mouth
Please shoot and kill me with cold words
Kill this much too much pain in my chest
Never let me back, never let you go...
Never let you go, please don't look at me
I can't possibly do anything for you
From now on, please don't reflect your bright lights to me
Never let you go, deep inside of me
Within the limit of my voice I'm screaming
Never let me back, I LOVE YOU !
Anymore, I can't see you...
Never let you go...


ガラスに広がってる君の街 見おろして

切り捨てたいよ もし君に触れれば彼女のこと 忘れそうで

Never let you go 言わないまま

だれかが待つ僕の街にも 雨雲が近づいてるはず

君に仕事で会うまえに もう僕はちっぽけな平凡を選んでたよ

Never let you go もっとはやく
Ah Never let you go 言いだしそうな

Never let me back
Never let you go

Never let you go 見つめないで
Ah Never let you go 僕の中で
Never let me back 愛してるよ…!
Any more, I can't see you

(Never let you go…)