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Studio album by Koshi Inaba
Released October 9, 2002
Genre Hard Rock
Length 48:32
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Koshi Inaba

Shian (志庵) is the second studio album by Koshi Inaba, released on October 9, 2002.

Track listing

All music composed by, lyrics written by, and vocals performed by Koshi Inaba.

  1. O.NO.RE
    File:i03 01.ogg .
    File:i03 02.ogg .
  3. Touch
    File:i03 03.ogg .
  4. Trash
    File:i03 04.ogg .
  5. Overture
    File:i03 05.ogg .
  6. GO
    File:i03 06.ogg .
  7. Famiresu Gozen 3-JiFamily Restaurant at 3 AM, ファミレス午前3時
    File:i03 07.ogg .
  8. Anata wo Yobu Koe wa Kaze ni SarawareteMy Voice Calling Out For You Disappears in the Wind, あなたを呼ぶ声は風にさらわれて
    File:i03 08.ogg .
  9. Here I am!!
    File:i03 09.ogg .
  10. HonnoFlames, 炎
    File:i03 10.ogg .
  11. Seno de Revolution
    File:i03 11.ogg .
  12. Todokimasu You niHope It Reaches You, とどきますように
    File:i03 12.ogg .