Singing Bird

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Singing Bird
Studio album by Koshi Inaba
Released May 21, 2014
Genre Hard Rock
Length 50:21
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Koshi Inaba

Singing Bird is the fifth studio album by Koshi Inaba, released on May 21, 2014. The release of the album was preceded by Koshi's first digital singles in the forms of "Nensho", "Nakinagara", and "Stay Free". All three tracks were accompanied by music videos uploaded to the official B'z YouTube channel, with the three songs being collected later for the album. The release comes in both regular and limited edition forms, with the limited edition coming packed with the aforementioned three music videos for the digital singles as well as one for "oh my love".

The album was supported by Koshi's third solo live tour Koshi Inaba LIVE 2014 ~en-ball~. The tour took place at Shinagawa Stellar Ball over ten dates from June 6 to June 20, 2014.

The release of the album was well-received by the public, debuting at number one on the Weekly Oricon Albums chart and becoming Koshi's fifth consecutive studio album to do so.

Track listing

All music composed by, lyrics written by, and vocals performed by Koshi Inaba.

  1. Jimmy no AsaJimmy's Morning, ジミーの朝
    File:i14 01.ogg The song is one of several in his solo catalogue on which Koshi has played guitar. Koshi also played a djembe—a goblet drum played with bare hands that originated in West Africa—on the track as well as an electric sitar.
  2. oh my love
    File:i14 02.ogg The lead song from the album, it was first heard in a special Olympus commercial featuring Japanese soccer player Keisuke Honda for their new OM-D E-M10 model.
  3. Cross Creek
    File:i14 03.ogg .
  4. Golden Road
    File:i14 04.ogg .
  5. NakinagaraWhile Crying, 泣きながら
    File:i14 05.ogg .
  6. Stay Free
    File:i14 06.ogg .
  7. Bicycle Girl
    File:i14 07.ogg .
  8. Kodoku no SusumeEncouragement of Loneliness, 孤独のススメ
    File:i14 08.ogg .
  9. Tomo yoFriend, 友よ
    File:i14 09.ogg .
  10. photograph
    File:i14 10.ogg .
  11. Route 53 — ルート53
    File:i14 11.ogg .
  12. NenshoWritten Pledge, 念書
    File:i14 12.ogg .

Limited Edition (CD+DVD)

Music Videos
  1. oh my love
    Lead song from the album.
  2. Nakinagara
    Second digital single, released March 26, 2014.
  3. Stay Free
    Third digital single, released April 23, 2014.
  4. Nensho
    First digital single, released February 26, 2014.


oh my love


Nakinagara Music Video 1.png Nakinagara Music Video 2.png Nakinagara Music Video 3.png Nakinagara Music Video 4.png Nakinagara Music Video 5.png Nakinagara Music Video 6.png Nakinagara Music Video 7.png Nakinagara Music Video 8.png Nakinagara Music Video 9.png Nakinagara Music Video 10.png Nakinagara Music Video 11.png Nakinagara Music Video 12.png Nakinagara Music Video 13.png Nakinagara Music Video 14.png Nakinagara Music Video 15.png Nakinagara Music Video 16.png Nakinagara Music Video 17.png Nakinagara Music Video 18.png Nakinagara Music Video 19.png Nakinagara Music Video 20.png Nakinagara Music Video 21.png Nakinagara Music Video 22.png Nakinagara Music Video 23.png Nakinagara Music Video 24.png Nakinagara Music Video 25.png Nakinagara Music Video 26.png Nakinagara Music Video 27.png Nakinagara Music Video 28.png Nakinagara Music Video 29.png Nakinagara Music Video 30.png

Stay Free

Stay Free PV 1.png Stay Free PV 2.png Stay Free PV 3.png Stay Free PV 4.png Stay Free PV 5.png Stay Free PV 6.png Stay Free PV 7.png Stay Free PV 8.png Stay Free PV 9.png Stay Free PV 10.png Stay Free PV 11.png Stay Free PV 12.png Stay Free PV 13.png Stay Free PV 14.png Stay Free PV 15.png Stay Free PV 16.png Stay Free PV 17.png Stay Free PV 18.png Stay Free PV 19.png Stay Free PV 20.png Stay Free PV 21.png Stay Free PV 22.png Stay Free PV 23.png Stay Free PV 24.png Stay Free PV 25.png Stay Free PV 26.png Stay Free PV 27.png Stay Free PV 28.png Stay Free PV 29.png Stay Free PV 30.png Stay Free PV 31.png Stay Free PV 32.png


Nensho Music Video 1.png Nensho Music Video 2.png Nensho Music Video 3.png Nensho Music Video 4.png Nensho Music Video 5.png Nensho Music Video 6.png Nensho Music Video 7.png Nensho Music Video 8.png Nensho Music Video 9.png Nensho Music Video 10.png Nensho Music Video 11.png Nensho Music Video 12.png Nensho Music Video 13.png Nensho Music Video 14.png Nensho Music Video 15.png Nensho Music Video 16.png Nensho Music Video 17.png Nensho Music Video 18.png Nensho Music Video 19.png Nensho Music Video 20.png Nensho Music Video 21.png Nensho Music Video 22.png Nensho Music Video 23.png Nensho Music Video 24.png Nensho Music Video 25.png Nensho Music Video 26.png Nensho Music Video 27.png Nensho Music Video 28.png Nensho Music Video 29.png Nensho Music Video 30.png Nensho Music Video 31.png Nensho Music Video 32.png


  • Koshi Inaba: Vocals, Lyric Composition, Music Composition, Arrangement, Guitar (TRACKS 1 & 3), Acoustic Guitar (TRACK 9), Sitar (TRACK 1), Djembe (TRACK 1), Harmonica (TRACKS 11 & 12)

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