The true meaning of "Brotherhood"?

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The true meaning of "Brotherhood"?
Home Video by B'z
Released December 8, 1999 (VHS)
March 14, 2001 (DVD)
Length 112 Minutes (VHS)
130 Minutes (DVD)
Format VHS & DVD
Producer Tak Matsumoto

The true meaning of "Brotherhood"? is a documentary home video by B'z, released on December 8, 1999. The video was the first full-length documentary film that B'z released for home consumption and contains a great deal of in-depth interviews and behind-the-scenes footage from the 1999 sessions that resulted in the Brotherhood album. Additionally, the documentary showcases rehearsals for B'z LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood" and its auxiliary showings, containing clips and glimpses therein from various nights from throughout the lengthy tour.

The video was later issued in expanded form on DVD on March 14, 2001 along with three other older home video releases and the band's then-latest single, "ultra soul". The DVD edition included more live footage, including a full performance of "JAP THE RIPPER".

Track listing

  1. 1999 Key Word
  2. February Cross Bone Lounge Pre-Production
  3. February Tokyo Recording
  4. February Osaka Recording
  5. April Los Angeles Recording
  6. June Tokyo Live Rehearsal
  7. June Sapporo Live Rehearsal
  8. 6.30 SHOWCASE "B'zepp"in Zepp Sapporo
  9. July LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood"
  10. August LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood" Intermission
  11. 8.28-29 LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood" in Yokohama
  12. September LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood" -EXTRA-
  13. 9.25 LIVE-GYM '99 "Brotherhood" -EXTRA- Finale in Kyoto

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The true meaning of "Brotherhood"?
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