Thousand Wave

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Thousand Wave
Album by Tak Matsumoto
Released May 21, 1988
Genre Rock
Length 39:26
Producer Tak Matsumoto

Thousand Wave is the debut studio album by Tak Matsumoto, released on May 21, 1988.

Track listing

All music composed by and all guitar performed by Tak Matsumoto.

  1. Thousand Wave
    File:t01 01.ogg .
  2. Touch Operation
    File:t01 02.ogg .
  3. SPAIN
    File:t01 03.ogg .
  4. "99"
    File:t01 04.ogg .
  5. So Long
    File:t01 05.ogg .
  6. Vampire Hunter "D"
    File:t01 06.ogg .
  7. Play It So Loud
    File:t01 07.ogg .
  8. Teaser
    File:t01 08.ogg .
  9. Take Five
    File:t01 09.ogg .
  10. No Way Out
    File:t01 10.ogg .

Thousand Wave Plus Extra Tracks

  1. '88~Love Story
    File:t01 11.ogg .
  2. Love Ya
    File:t01 12.ogg .

Thousand Wave Plus

On October 7, 1996, the album was remastered and reissued with a golden cover and the new title of Thousand Wave Plus. The new package included the entire original album along with two bonus tracks from Tak's first single, "'88~Love Story/Love Ya".