SF Rock Station Final Event "Thank You TM Network"

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SF Rock Station Final Event "Thank You TM Network"
Event featuring B'z
Start Date April 4, 1989
Country Japan
Songs 5
Home Video Unreleased
Shows 1

SF Rock Station Final Event "Thank You TM Network" was a special event held on April 4, 1989 featuring B'z and other artists at SF Rock Station in the Nemu no Sato Resort to honor fellow band TM Network's final appearance at the recurring event where they had often performed. The event is most notable for being the de facto live debut by B'z, with the band performing five of their early songs. TM Network had been the group with which Tak had done backing work before embarking on his own career as a musician. As the band did not have support members yet, the B'z performance was done in "karaoke" style, with backing tracks used to supply drums, bass, and other non-guitar and non-vocals instrumentation.

The event also served as the debut for "Kimi no Naka de Odoritai", which would become their second single. This began a long-standing tradition for B'z to occasionally debut new songs live on stage.

Touring Band


  1. Dakara Sono Te wo Hanashite
  2. It's not a dream
  3. Heart mo Nureru Number ~stay tonight~
  4. Half Tone Lady
  5. Kimi no Naka de Odoritai


1989.04.04 China Nemu no Sato Resort