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Single by B'z
Released November 23, 2016
Promotions #1 (Shippu Rondo Theme)
Length 04:01
Label Vermillion Records
Producer Tak Matsumoto
B'z singles chronology
3rd Digital Single
Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru Cover.jpg

Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru
4th Digital Single
Fukiarenasai Cover.jpg

The song was written for the film Shippu Rondo. At release, the band released a message partially stating: "While it is an action movie that has its extravagant and sometimes funny moments, the thing that stood out the most is that every character believes in their own way. The resulting conflicts are portrayed in great detail. We have made 'Fukiarenasai' as the product of this state of mind overlapped with the fiercely dancing snow."

Fukiarenasai (フキアレナサイ, Blow Violently) is a digital single by B'z, released only in Japan on November 23, 2016 via the Japanese iTunes store and all other major online music retailers in the country. This would be the band's third digital single and second in Japanese, following the 2012 release of English song "Into Free -Dangan-" and "Sekai wa Anata no Iro ni Naru" just one month prior in October 2016. Later, in June 2017, the song was released as the fourth track on the double A-side single "Seimei/Still Alive".

The existence of the song was announced and previewed on September 12, 2016 with the release of a trailer and press release for the action-comedy film Shippu Rondo starring Hiroshi Abe. Because of the action-oriented nature of the film, which was based on a novel by esteemed mystery writer Keigo Higashino, the producers' only request was that the song have the same feeling as a winter version of "ultra soul".

As revealed in Be With! after its release, the song was made available as a digital exclusive single due to the band's ongoing solo commitments as with the previous digital release. Additionally, and unusually for the band's workflow, "Fukiarenasai" was recorded separately with Koshi in Tokyo and Tak in Los Angeles.

Track listing

All music and guitar by Tak Matsumoto. All lyrics and lead vocals by Koshi Inaba.

  1. FukiarenasaiBlow Violently, フキアレナサイ
    File:e3 01.ogg Envisioned as a winter version of "ultra soul", "Fukiarenasei" was written for the action film Shippu Rondo. Due to both members' ongoing solo projects, the song was recorded and produced separately while Koshi worked with Stevie Salas in Tokyo and Tak worked with Daniel Ho in Los Angeles. The track features Jason Sutter and occasional B'z collaborator Juan Alderete on drums and bass, respectively, with the former having worked with Tak during production on enigma and on tour for Tak Matsumoto Tour 2016 -The Voyage-.

Live appearances

Live Performances

Fukiarenasai [21 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png 7-Eleven presents B'z PREMIUM LIVE [2/2 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png B'z LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR" [18/18 SHOWS]
crossbracket.png B'z SHOWCASE 2020 -5 ERAS 8820- [1/5 SHOWS]

Home Videos

crossbracket.png LIVE-GYM 2017-2018 "LIVE DINOSAUR"
crossbracket.png SHOWCASE 2020 -5 ERAS 8820-

Sales data

No. Cover Digital Single Physical Copies Sold Chart Positions Certification
4 Fukiarenasai Cover.jpg




Support Members


  • Hiroyuki Kobayashi: Recording & Mixing
    • Mixed at Birdman West
    • Recorded at Rodeo Recording, Birdman West, Mikaze, Tudor Tones
  • Hideyuki Terachi: Arrangement, Recording & Mixing

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